Construction Projects & Trade Operations
Asquelon Housing Project

         2002-2004  Total construction of                       61.500m2    Asquelon - Israel.

Desalination Plant

         2004-2005 Plant for treatment of
              sea water for daily usage.
                     Asquelon - Israel.

Vadi Panorama Residence

       2004 - 2007 Residence Project in    
         Total construction of 25.000m2.

Shopping Mall

         1999 - 1999 Total construction
         of 17.500m2      Barnea - Israel

Tüpraş Rafinery

    2000 - 2001 Earthquake repair works.
                      Izmit - TURKEY

Barnea Housing Project

       2001 - 2004 Total 300 apartments                        42.500m2     Barnea -Israel.

Qriat - Gat Housing Project

        1997 - 2000 350 apartments.
      Total construction of 52.500m2
                   Qriat-Gat, Israel.

School For Special Children

      2002 - 2004 Total construction of                      5.500m2   Kriyat Malaki-Israel.

Afridan Housing Project

        1998 - 2000 Total construction of                         25.500m2     Afridan - Israel

Bilkent University Music and   Performing Arts Faculty Building    

      1987 - 1988 Total construction of                         14.500m2   Bilkent - Turkey

SSK Eyup Hospital

         1988 - 1988 SSK Eyup Hospital
         Total construction of 11.500m2
                       Eyup - Istanbul

Public Housing Project

           1995- 1997 475 apartments.
        Total construction of 60.000m2
        Zapzippe Steal Factory-Russia.


Fertilizer Factory

                        1987 - 1988
                       Sivrice - Elazig

Bilkent University
      Housing For Academic Staff


     1987- 1988 Total construction                  of 40.000m2 in Bilkent - Ankara 

Bilkent University Heating Drainage
         and Sewage Systems


            1987 - 1987 Bilkent - Ankara

Earthquake Housings

1986 - 1987 Total construction of 19.000m2                         Malatya - Turkey

Industrial Vocational School

1987 - 1988 Total construction of 2.200m2                          Kusadasi - Turkey

TMO Public Housing

                         1987 - 1988
            Total construction of 4.000m2
                     Kesan - Edirne

Employment Agency Building

     1986 - 1987 Total construction of                 19.000m2    Novokutznesk - Russia

Ministry of Public Works

    1986 - 1987 Total construction of                 16.000m2     Antakya - Turkey

Nursing Home For Elderly

      1985 - 1987 Total construction of              3.700m2     Zapzippe Steel Factory-Russia

Siciliy's Pizza

In 1991, the company decided to open restaurants and made an important agreement with the famous American brand Sicily’s’ Pizza and opened a restaurant in Karum Shopping Center. The number of restaurants has increased significantly in the following years making Sicily’s one of the largest chain restaurants in Ankara.

Tommy Hilfiger

In 2000 the company decided to grow in textile business and made an important agreement with the popular American brand “Tommy Hilfiger”. The company took the dealership of the brand in Ankara and opened 6 stores in several shopping centers.

Paul & Shark

In 1997 the company took the dealership of the most famous Italian brand Paul&Shark and opened its first store on the most crowded avenue of Çankaya, Ankara which was followed by 3 more stores in the most popular shopping malls of Ankara in a few











Keskinler Recreational Facilities

Keskinler Recreational facilities started business in 1975 in Kazan, Ankara, located on the busiest highway (Istanbul-Ankara Highway) of Turkey. Until 2004, the company operated a petrol station, hotel, market and textile store in a large complex.

Happy Days

The success in food sector gave the company the opportunity to create its own brand “Happy Days”. The company grew very fast and expanded through franchise agreements in fast food sector in Turkey and Russia.


After opening successful pizza and fast food restaurants the company opened one of the biggest patisseries in Ankara. Lavita Patisserie has become indispensible in pastry sector by constantly renewing itself and capturing trends of the day with its fresh and daily products.