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          T&K Construction Ltd. has been founded in 2007 as a partnership of two of Turkey’s highly experienced and reliable companies, Tuzcuoglu Construction Foreign Trade Ltd. Co. and Keskinler Foreign Trade Ltd. Co in order to create a synergy and expand their already international operations to UAE and the Gulf region. 
Partner companies Tuzcuoglu and Keskin have a combined experience of over sixty five years operating in international markets both in trade and construction. Their strengths and qualifications gave birth to T&K Construction, a highly flexible company ready to undertake projects in the fields of infrastructure, superstructure, roads, sewage systems and buildings.

         After completing successful projects in UAE and Turkey, T&K construction has recently expanded its operations to Georgia in 2012, hoping to create value for the economy and quality constructions for the region. 
Having its company headquarter in Ankara, Turkey and the branch offices located in Abu-Dhabi, UAE and Batumi, Georgia, T&K Construction, will strive to become the leading and highly trusted construction company in all countries it operates.

                                                              About Our Partners
                                                              Tuzcuoglu Construction
        Tuzcuoglu Construction and Foreign Trade was found in 1985, Ankara-Turkey. Till 1990, the company conducted its operations domestically, later undertook various projects overseas, some of which are still carried on in a number of countries. After starting its operations in former USSR at 1990, Tuzcuoglu has successfully completed over 10 projects in different regions of the country. In 1997 the company expanded its operations to the Middle East and Israel and until this day, had completed many projects that consist of; mass housing, schools, rehabilitation centers, sea water desalination plant and a shopping malls etc.
          With its 28 years experience, its skilled personnel, use of modern technology and excellence at the undertaken projects, Tuzcuoglu Construction has become one of the respected construction companies in the countries it operates.   

           The projects completed by the company reached up to 1.000.000 m2 of construction area and  include; 3000 Mass Housing, Student Dormitories, Consulate Buildings, Official Dwellings, University Buildings, Shopping Malls, Health Centers, Schools, Factories, Earthquake Housings and Desalination Plants as of 2012.

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